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Frequently Asked Questions:


WALK≡DAY is a digital art gallery that curates black-and-white visual artworks to inspire you to get up and go for a walk every day.

The art gallery's mission statement is to motivate anyone to step outdoors, to enjoy a breath of fresh air, to marvel at the surrounding sights and to maintain a good physical condition by regularly taking a short or long walk.

The awalkaday.art NFT Collection contains uniquely elegant artworks made of nature, landscape and urban street photography. All photographic memories were recorded by @daqhris while going out for a daily walk.


The first image was published on Instagram by @walk.day on July 19, 2017.

At least one image is posted online on a daily basis or whenever time allows.


A single quote urged the start of this visual arts project : "The sun is up and running, everyday, for you".

In a global trend of fast-paced urbanization, generations of humans are growing without a sense of curiosity about their surroundings and an adventurous drive in unfamiliar landscapes. Few people even dare to do one of the least painful physical exercise: walking.

Instagram, with millions of daily active users, was selected as the most compelling online social network for sharing the gallery's artworks that would definitely appeal to a global audience and ultimately inspire living a healthy lifestyle.

OpenSea, as the largest marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, was chosen to be the art gallery's storefront and digital property exchange platform for selling the artworks.

Thanks to being an Ethereum blockchain-based digital art gallery, the #awalkaday artworks can be publicly verified, collected and exchanged. Everyone is encouraged to remix, reuse, repurpose the NFTs on any Web3 platform.


WALK≡DAY's artworks are first of all posted on Instagram by @walk.day in a black-and-white format with a wide white frame, then published at the online art gallery https://awalkaday.art and afterwards, sold as NFTs in the OpenSea store.

The pictures are taken from a smartphone camera and later, enhanced by using photo-editing applications.

The hashtag #awalkaday is attached to every post on social media and can be used to discover similar posts shared by the community on Instagram.

All collectible items are minted as non-fungible tokens (ERC-1155) on the Ethereum blockchain. Revenue from the sale of artworks from the awalkaday.art NFT Collection flows directly into the daqhris.eth Crypto Growth Fund.

The code repository is hosted on GitHub where any changes can be monitored or audited. The repository contains all historical commits starting from day one of the project.


Photos are captured at any time of the day from the streets and alleys of Belgium(Europe) while strolling around.


The #awalkaday art project is run by Chris-Armel (@iamdaqhris).

Born in Burundi (East Africa), he has previously lived in East Asia and North Africa.

While living in an asylum seeker camp in Namur (Belgium) during the summer of 2017, Chris found a way to battle extended boredom and physical inactivity by having a burst of creativity geared towards putting into practice his photography and coding skills. This is how the idea of a digital art gallery named WALK≡DAY was born. Sadly, after a year, the loss of his electronic devices led to a temporary pause. Then, starting from 2020, this art project was relaunched with great vigor.